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We provide retreat for laymen and monks, both local and foreign, wishing to spend short periods away from stresses and strains of daily life engaged in the learning of Dhamma, discussions, and exchanging views, meditation, reading or writing in an environment of tranquility and peace and of intellectual ferment

Dhamma Programmes- Lectures and seminars on Buddha Dhamma; courses in Theravada Buddhism; Buddhist psychology and Buddhist psychotherapy; elementary courses of study in Sinhala and Pali languages and Buddhist texts, especially for foreigners
Reading, Research and writing- Setting up of a library of books on Buddhism at the IDC and enabling interested participants to gain access to Sri Lanka’s largest library, the Peradeniya University library, on the basis of short term membership, and to the library of Kandy Buddhist Publications Society. Provision of supervision and guidance for research and writing and conduct of special seminars or workshops for the benefit of the participants.