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Environmental development, environmental management and bio- diversification of the thirteen acres of land of the IDC. Imparting knowledge, providing experience and producing a demonstration effect on participants of IDC programmes, neighboring communities and visitors to the Campus, on the development and management of the environment and bio-diversification. Inculcating and developing consciousness of the integral relationship that prevails between human beings and natural environment (the ecological balance).

  • Seek cooperation and assistance of all government organizations (Departments of Forest, Agriculture, Ayurveda and Environmental Authority), and enlist the active participation of the local community in environmental development and bio-diversification.
  • Soil conversation, planting bamboo trees along streams, terracing lands on the SALT method, building retaining walls and cutting drains where necessary.
  • Growing grass and landscaping with pidaly (grass sods).
  • Extensive use of organic manure.
  • Tree planting – fruit trees, medicinal trees, herbal plants; lowers of suitable varieties; and trees for timber along the boundary.
  • Enlisting of the participation of the local community through shramadana (voluntary labor donation) in the development work.