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 Financial contributions and assistance in kind and services from the following-*contributions of participants spending short periods in retreat; *contributions from donors and donor agencies; *sale of fruits and other produce of plants and trees grown in the campus; *service of volunteers; *alms from devotees for the monks and mediators. The aim is to operate the retreat component of the IDC on a self-financing basis.




  • Contribution of funds from the CfB (Int’l) and from members of the Center in the form of free services.
  • Contribution of volunteer participants in the form of free services
  • Funds collected from philanthropists, donors and donor agencies, both local and foreign;
  • Diplomatic missions of Buddhist countries to be invited to promote the construction of kutis depicting the architectural features of their countries, which may be reserved for visitors from the respective countries to the IDC
  • A grant of Rs. 1,903,000 from the Ministry of Forestry and Environment.


We make this appeal with meththa and in the hope of sharing the merits of this noble deed with others.

Donations and contributions may be made to the center for Buddhism (Int’l), Current Account No: 000020217715, Bank of Ceylon, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem be on you.