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Center for Buddhism (International)

The center for Buddhism (Int’l), hardly three years old since it was established in early 1998, has accomplished so much in so short a time by way of the many projects and programmes that it was able to implement. It has earned lavish praise from everybody concerned for these achievements. Such a performance was possible because of the very high quality of the human resources found in its membership of over 85 comprised of dedicated missionary monks, university academics, public officers serving or retired, doctors, surgeons, veterinarians, engineers, accountants, lawyers, architects, planters, social workers, journalists and Buddhist activists.



Office Bearers of the CfB (International)


President-Professor Buddhadasa Hewavitharana

Vice Presidents- Dr. L Weerasinghe, K.A.T. Nikapitiya, A.M. Ranaweera Banda, Dr. H.S.S. Nissanka, Professor P.D. Premasiri

Joint Secretaries- S.G. Mapalagama, Roger O. Smith, Hewage Jayasena, A.B. Rathnayake     

Treasurer-Dr. H.N.B. Mawilmada

Deputy Treasurer-Mr. A.B. Rathnayake

International Coordinator-Ms. Lalitha Weerasinghe


General Executive Committee for the IDC Project-N.L.B. Rathnayake (Chairman), Y.M. Dayarathna Banda, K.P.A. Dharmaratne, Dr. S.B. Dissanayake, Manukula Fonseka, Anil Karunaratne, S.M. Kulathunga, Dr. N.H.B. Mawilmada, N.A. Nawaratne, Linton Pieris, A.M. Ganganatha, A.S. Pilimathalauwe, L.R. Pilimathalauwe, K. Rajapakse, A.B. Rathnayake, K.B. Wijekoon, W.N. Wijewardene (Convener), S.G. Mapalagama, J. Hewapathirana, S. Kulathilake.


Fund raising Committee-Professor B. Hawavitharana (Chairman), N.L.B. Rathnayake (Dy. Chairman), Jayathilake Alahendra, Dayananda de Alwis, Wimal Aththudawage, A.M. Ranaweera Banda, Dr. D.P. Bibile, Dr. S.B. Dissanayake, Dr. B.D.P. Edussuriya, Dr. H.B. Jayasinghe, Dr. M.B. Kottegoda, Dr. N.H.B. Mawilamada, Michael Mohottie, Col. R.P.W. Narampanawe, N.A. Nawaratne, K.A.T. Nikapitiya, Jayampathi Palipane, Ananda Pilimathalauwe, R. Pothuhera, Chandra Ranathunge, M.B. Ranathunge, T.S. Randiligama, H.M. Samathilake, Dr. D.H.A. Subasinghe, Dr. S.M. Uduwela, Dr. S.B. Welgama, Dr. L. Weerasinghe, Ms. Lalitha Weerasinghe, Ms. Veena de Silva, M.B. Werapitiya, A.M. Ganganatha, Dr. H.S.S. Nissanka, A.B. Rathnayake, Prof. D.J. Kalupahana, Dr. G.A.P. Ganegoda, Sanjeewa Kuruppu, W. Perera.


Council of the IDC- Professor B. Hewavitharana (Chairman), Prof. P.D. Premasiri (Dy. Chairman) W.N. Wijewardene (Convener), Ven. Bhikku Bodhi, Ven. Pajalo of Austria, Prof. Oliver Abeynayake, Prof. K.N.O. Dharmadasa, Prof. D.J. Kalupahana, Prof. Ananada Kulasuriya, Prof. Asanga Thilakaratne, Dr. D.P. Bibile, Dr. H.S.S. Nissanka, K.P.A. Dharmaratne, Leo Devendra, N.L.B. Rathnayake, R.B. Rathnayake.